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Spiritual Rez Nexus

Album Review by John Powell
Spiritual Rez is a heavy hitting reggae band, and they make this known immediately on Nexus with “One Light”, a firecracker of an opener, a horn riff that lands into a rock steady groove and the line, “We build a fire and we plant the herb.” Jesse Shaternick’s bass and Ian Miller’s drums drive the track, accentuated by dual guitars splintering in and out behind one of the best-used horn sections (Kory Stanbury and Bryan House) that have ever graced a contemporary reggae album.

The Boston-based sextet delivers twelve songs about positivity, fighting the Man, and smoking herb. They incorporate every sister of reggae, from ska to dub. They break into their teenage years with variations on a pop/rock theme, and they successfully attempt complex melodies and a progressive reggae sound. Nexus stuffs in a bit of every genre and is bound to make you sing along to the catchy choruses. You will find yourself turning it up over and over.

But to peg Rez as solely reggae is to deny them their influences and their guilty pleasures. They’re more than capable of splicing utter roots with Van Gordon Martin’s metal-sized guitar solos, acoustic pining as on “I Know”, and funk in the spirit of 70s soul.

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